From concept to implementation, our intentions remained firm: The River Resort would be integral to its natural environment. The native flora and fauna on our 30,000 sq, meters (7.4 acres) of private, verdant Parkland were preserved; all mature indigenous trees were protected, some more than 25 meters in height and many generations old; and to this day they tower over our lush, tropical landscape, inhabited according to local tradition by protective spirits.

We are an eco-friendly Resort and do our best not to damage the environment: we cultivate our rice paddy and vegetable gardens with organic matter from our compost pit; we recycle our non-organic refuse; we use solar-heated hot water in our kitchens; and most of our furnishings are fabricated from ecologically friendly natural bamboo.

More than 90% of our staff are local villagers, rice farmers and their children, many illiterate. For the first time in their lives, many of them learn that education is the key to a better life for them and their children. To help them on the path, we regularly offer English language classes taught by qualified visiting teachers.

We show our respect to local traditions by inviting our guests and staff to participate in local cultural activities offered at the Resort, such as the baci ceremony and traditional Lao music and dance.

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